Anthony Heidweiller - Thijl
Aylin Seezer - Nele
Pierre Mak - Lamme Goedzak
Marcel Reijans - Vischkooper
Wilke te Brummelstroete - Soetkin & Stevenijne
Nanco de Vries - Klaas & Lumey
Irene Hoogveld - Gilline & Dame van Dudzele
Agris Hartmanis - Bie & Abt
Maarten van Grootel - Death
And many many other participants


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Thijl is of serious art historical

'[...] In no way can Thijl be called a conservative production.
But grand it certainly is: hundreds of musicians, singers
and crew are involved. [...]  The beautiful scene is
dominated by a 144-ton sand sculpture representing
the town of Gorinchem, cleaved by the sword of king
Philip II of Spain.

[...]  After his father’s execution -  a scene that makes your hair stand on end -  the unpolitical Thijl grows into a freedom fighter and conquers Gorinchem. At the opera’s end he dies and arises: Thijl is the symbol of Flanders, and while it may sleep sometimes, it never dies.

Van Gilse turns out to have been an action composer with a good sense of drama. The opera’s main strength are its mass scenes, cleverly produced by Wim Trompert, with much room for ambiguity and humor.'
Joep Stapel in NRC - 4 juli 2018

translations: Writech, Remco Nieuwenhuis


Photo Marco Borggreve



Photo Marco Borggreve


An impressive performance

'[...] The Utrechtsch Studenten Concert has delivered an impressive performance by resurrecting this almost  forgotten opera in a professional and indeed spectacular manner.  [...]
To have the many who die in this story led away by Death himself is a masterly stroke of inspiration. He returns again and again, until in the end Thijl, the personification of immortal Flanders, resists him.'

Frits van der Waa in De Volkskrant - 2 July 2018

The orchestra’s hard work pays off

'Van Gilse completed the opera Thijl in 1940, the first year of World War II, without there being any prospect of a performance. But it has become a heartwarming production that everybody should go and see [...]

Wim Trompert’s production is a clever piece of work – capable and effective, and sometimes even poetic, as in the love scenes with Thijl and his girl Nele (well sung by Aylin Sezer). The finale is beautiful too: two children building a new world even though everybody realizes how vulnerable the boy and girl’s sand castles are.'

Erik Voermans in Het Parool


Anthony Heidweiller as Thijl
Photo Marco Borggreve

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Anthony Heidweiller as Thijl,
Aylin Sezer as Nele,
Maarten van Grootel as Death,
Marco Borggreve
Conductor: Bas Pollard
Director: Wim Trompert
Set Designer: Eric Goossens
Costume Designer: Martijn J.Kramp
Light: Rapatech, Bart van den Heuvel
Dramaturgy: Freek Duinhof
1st Assistent Director: Kenza Karin Koutchoukali
Utrechtsch Studenten Concert
Chorus: Cherubino & others
Martial Arts - Vanguard Action

Jan van Gilse: 'Thijl'

Utrechtsch Studenten Concert (2018)



Wim Trompert




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