Elena Monti: Ipermestra
Gaëlle le Roi: Elisa
Emanuela Galli: Linceo
Marcel Beekman: Berenice
Mark Tucker: Arbante
Sergio Foresti: Danao
Fabian Schofrin: Delmiro

'Above all this was an ensemble success, coloured from the pit by twenty wonderful musicians. On stage Trompert kept the action tight and in style, thus highlighting even more spectacular moments such as the destruction of the city of Argos and Ipermestra's rescue by a magical bird. The stunning costumes by Mirjam Pater and abstract set by Eric Goossens allowed trompert to paint beautiful atmospheric stage pictures, taking his inspiration from the works of Fra Angelico. A production defintely worth the expense.'

Peter van der Lint in 'Trouw'


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intense characterisation and strong special effects

'L'Ipermestra is in all aspects a serious opera, not only because the artists contracted for this production prove to be fully up to the challenge but also because after Monteverdi Cavalli was the greatest opera composer of his time.

[...] That Trompert has worked successfully with Pierre Audi is evident from his clear and precise charaterisation and a couple of strong special effects, including a very concrete deus ex machina. With stunning costumes by Mirjam Pater and multifunctional building blocks of set designer Eric Goossens creating dungeon and castle, this L'Ipermestra is a performance on a par with any of The Netherlands Opera'

Frits van der Waa in 'De Volkskrant', August 26, 2006.

Translations: Writech, Remco Nieuwenhuis

Ipermestra 67


Stillness and beauty in
Cavalli's opera L'Ipermestra

'The still beauty of this inspiring Cavalli opera - a yellowed manuscript lying dormant in a Venetian library for over 3 centuries - was mercilesly awakened in the exquisite new staging by Wim Trompert (director) and Mike Fentross (musical director). The expenditure 0f 700.000 euro required to rework the manuscript into a playable score and live images, has led to a performance giving full credit to the composer and his at times excessive demands.

Emanuela Galli as Linceo
Marco Borggreve
Beauty in its purest form in opera 'L'Ipermestra'

'Florentine citizens of old would have expected more spectacle with trumpets and drums, but to the contemporary lover of early music this performance offer beauty in its purest form.
[...] The effective lighting, colourful though simple costume, and minimal set of squared architectural shapes create perfect harmony. For the entire three acts of this opera the stage image retains its distant aristrocratic beauty. Wim Trompert's stage direction brings a tense concentration troughout, enhanced by the continued fixated eye contact between the charaters who are not centre stage.'

Jochem Valkenburg in NRC, August 25, 2006


Marcel Beekman as Berenice
photo: Marco Borggreve

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Elena Monti as Ipermestra and
Gaëlle le Roi as Elisa
Marco Borggreve
La Sfera Armoniosa Orchestra
Conductor: Mike Fentross
Director: Wim Trompert
Choreographer: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Set designer: Eric Goossens
Costumes: Mirjam Pater
Lighting: Uri Rapaport
Producer: Dani Cuypers

Francesco Cavalli: L'Ipermestra

Festival Oude Muziek Utrecht (2006)



Wim Trompert

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