Tamino: Peter Gijsbertsen
Pamina: Alexandra Schoeny
Papageno: Michael Wilmering
Papagena: Lilian Farahani
Königin der Nacht: Lisa Mostin
Sarastro: Maciej Straburzynski
Monostatos: Uros Petrac

Chorus of 'Singing at the Opera', conductor: Hans Veldhuizen
Children's Choir of 'Singing at the Opera', conductor: Emma Rekers

In March 2015 the Dutch National Opera performed what is perhaps Mozart’s most popular opera, 'The Magic Flute', in Amsterdam’s Muziektheater. In the margins of the official performances, a public participation production was organized as well, a shortened version written by Wim Trompert and Toek Numan. On Saturday 14 March Peter van der Lint, critic for the newspaper Trouw, wrote a review. Grateful we show some parts of this article here.


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Friends for life

[...]The audience, consisting of the performers’ parents, brothers and sisters, and other family and friends, was treated to a real Mozart opera, cleverly condensed into one and a half hour by Toek Numan and Wim Trompert. The Three Boys had grown into a group of thirty, disguised as little foxes, and their singing was like something out of this world. […]

. [...] Participating in an opera – it is wonderful of the Dutch National Opera to set this up. And I am sure they have made friends for life today.'

Peter van der Lint in 'Trouw', Saturday March 14 2015


Alexandra Schoeny as Pamina and
Uros Petrac as Monostatos
photo: Marco Borggreve


'The Magic Flute' –
with everyone joining in

'The atmosphere was different today. There always is a certain element of excitement before a performance at the Muziektheater, but this time there were so many more children than usual and many people had brought bouquets of flowers. Most had obviously never been to the opera before. The occasion was ‘Singing at the Opera’, a public participation project for which the Dutch National Opera opened its doors, inviting everyone – and especially those unfamiliar with opera - to discover its magic world.'

Peter van der Lint

And it was a ball!

'The chorus was made up of over three hundred amateur singers. There were fifty children on stage, plus some thirty dancers, a chamber orchestra assembled for the occasion, and seven young professional singers. And it was a ball!'

Peter van der LInt


Pupils of the IJburgcollege, the Spinoza Lyceum and young dancers of choreographers Honey Eavis and Rasta Jops visualized in 'The Magic Flute': the dragon, fire and water.
photo: Marco Borggreve

Lisa Mostin as Königin der Nacht
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Alexandra Schoeny as Pamina and Michael Wilmering as Papageno
photo: Marco Borggreve
Conductor: Bas Pollard
Director: Wim Trompert
Choreographer: Honey Eavis
Set designer: Wim Trompert
Costumes: Giorgio Cardosi
Lighting: Cor van den Brink
musical adaptation: Toek Numan
video artist: Mónica Hernandez
camera: Daan Noppen & Marco Borggreve

W.A. Mozart: 'The Magic Flute'

Dutch National Opera & Ballet (2015)



Wim Trompert

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